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Helix + Admera


Helix + Admera Health

Partnered with Helix and Admera Health to deliver clear, actionable genetic test results. 

Content Strategy / UI Design 

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Helix is a direct-to-consumer genetic testing marketplace.

As one of the leaders in the rapidly growing DNA testing market, the startup has a unique approach. Helix is not a testing service, but rather a marketplace for gene-based businesses to sell their tests directly to customers. Through its partnerships with organizations like the Mayo Clinic and National Geographic, the platform offers dozens of different tests—all of which can be done with a one-time sample of DNA.       

Our team was brought on to help one of their partners, Admera Health, develop a clear and actionable results flow for three of their genetic tests. 



In order to make test results clear to users, we needed to uncover what was most critical to convey.

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Content workshop

We worked with in-house clinicians to sift through medical jargon and develop a list of content and questions that users would actually want answers to, based on the test they took. 



The key was to answer customers’ questions at the right moment in time, with the right level of detail. 

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Illustrating content strategy

We consolidated the content into clear categories, then used block models to illustrate different delivery strategies. This allowed us to weigh the merits of sharing information at certain points throughout the testing process. 


Designing THE experience



We explored and refined concepts for communicating test results visually.

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Developing a coded visual system

We explored different ways of visually "marking" the results. This allowed us to hone the message, and determine if the results were meant to show a relative point of risk on a scale, or rather a definitive diagnosis. 

It was important to convey the right level of severity without inducing panic or fear.

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Why was it important to develop a visual way to communicate test results? 


Final product