Sarah Mitrano

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Collaborated with a global financial institution to design a hybrid platform for modern financial advising. 

Product Strategy / Service Design / UX Design 

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With over $2.2 trillion in client assets, our client was a global financial institution known for its world-class team of financial advisors.

Faced with a rapidly growing market of robo advisors, they were uniquely positioned to come to market from the opposite direction of digital-first startups. By leveraging their trusted global network of financial advisors with the addition of a new digital service layer, our client could create a powerful hybrid platform.

My firm, Moment, was brought on to lead the process from vision to minimum viable product. The team evolved over the course of the project, and my role grew from one of individual contribution to mentorship of more junior designers, process leadership, and relationship management with our client partners.   


Defining a shared vision 

We began by working with stakeholders to understand the needs of customers and advisors, and define a shared vision for the user's journey.


Financial advisor interviews

I facilitated and took notes during interviews with financial advisors, alternating with another member of my team. After each session, we summarized key takeaways and drew the advisor to help us remember their story.

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Alignment workshop

I helped facilitate a series of workshops with client stakeholders to help the group externalize and align on fundamental product questions.

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How did you help a diverse group of stakeholders reach consensus on the product vision?

User journey

By the end of phase one, we had defined a north star for the experience. I captured and visualized our shared vision for the user's journey in a document that our team, and stakeholders more broadly, could refer back to throughout the course of the project. 


Concepting & testing

We used low-fidelity prototypes to understand how users felt about each part of the experience.


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How did you communicate the value of testing and research to senior executives eager to get the product to market?


Value testing with an InVision prototype

My teammate and I created an interactive InVision prototype to simulate key parts of the experience. To accompany this, we developed a discussion guide based off of our research goals. Over the course of two rounds of testing in two different cities, we spoke with 16 participants. 


Designing THE experience



A well organized, modular Sketch file allowed us to quickly visualize options and facilitate decision making amongst a large group of stakeholders.

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How did your team make updates and maintain consistency across a large set of highly variable screens?


Final product



The design consultancy I work for, Moment, was acquired by Verizon shortly before the project was scheduled to wrap. Though we handed off our working files to another agency for final visual design and documentation, I've simulated a few key screens here.